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is not my job,
it’s my life.

I have started Jones Snowboards to develop the highest performance all- mountain weapons on the market – freeride boards that reflect everything I’ve learned both on the snow and in the factory. Every snowboard we produce will be born of my passion and our designs will mirror the performance demands of my riding matched with the environmental demands of my conscience.  Jones Snowboards is a natural evolution for me. Snowboarding is not my job, it’s my life. Come experience the progression. Ride with me. 

– Jeremy Jones, owner, rider, shaper... putting the product to the test.

addicted and immersed in
the mountains
since 1983.

I have written my life story around snowboarding. I have been all in from the beginning – hiking resorts before they allowed snowboards at age 9, all night drives to Jackson Hole in high school to score first tram of the year, hiking all night to earn a first descent at dawn. Becoming a pro snow- boarder was not an optional career, there was no back-up plan. 

– Jeremy Jones (2009)


Stepping into the mountains you never know what you’re going to encounter. The first two turns may be waist deep followed by ice through the crux and chop in the outrun. The Flagship is my go-to board for fast and confident freeriding in any conditions. This board has no speed limit and no boundaries. This is the Flagship of our line and my life’s work - the ulti-mate freeride board. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself thanking this board at the bottom of a line.

About the 2009 Flagship

– Jeremy Jones (2009)


About the 2009 Mountain Twin

When I want to trade off between doing laps on the jump line, searching for smooth steeps, and sniffing out left over pow stashes I grab my Mountain Twin. The go anywhere maneuverability of the Mountain Twin make it my easy all-day choice from first chair to the afternoon backcountry powder lap.

– Jeremy Jones (2009)

About the 2009 Hovercraft

I have been dreaming of this board for years; a turbo charged pow board that floats so well it turns low angle stashes into full-speed features. My home mountain looks totally different riding the Hovercraft because I constantly find new hips and slashes in places I’d never seen before. 

– Jeremy Jones (2009)


About the 2009 Solution

A few years ago I had run out of new things to ride in my home mountains. I had booted every-thing with in a reasonable distance and had sledded to all the sick spots. My hit list was pretty much empty. Picking up my splitboard the whole game changed. My hit list is now overflow-ing with a lifetime of new places to explore.  The Solution is the solution. It rides like a normal board, but I’m no longer wallowing on approach to distant lines nor physically destroyed from bootpacking all day. I find myself passing up the chaos of the resorts and heading to the solitude of the backcountry on my splitboard more and more each winter.

– Jeremy Jones (2009)


When we started out ten years ago there was no business plan, no sales goals, no urging shops to buy more. Our focus was simply to make the best product possible, as environmentally friendly as possible, and to make timeless products that last. Your support has allowed us to do so much more. Your support has helped us make the world a better place and opened development doors beyond our wildest dreams.

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